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You're Here Because You Care

You face a challenge. You want to address social problems, but you're unsure how to begin. You feel the weight of an ethical imperative: Is it not wrong to abstain from aiding others when we possess the means to help?


This is where Clearwater Collective steps in.

Prison Reform is Our Mission. 

I've walked in your shoes. Having been directly affected by incarceration, I understand the hopelessness of wanting to help but not knowing where to start.

That's why Clearwater Collective exists.


Simple, Purposeful, Transparent.


We simplify your journey towards social change, turning your compassion into tangible outcomes. See the direct impact you make. Start creating ripples of change today.



Every purchase supports artists, nonprofits, and prison reform. We enable you to witness the direct effect of your contributions, bridging the gap between intention and real-life impact.


We provide a clear path to making a meaningful impact on social issues, offering transparency to see how your contributions help. Become a part of the change you wish to see in the world.

Our Story

CWCreform is the creation of two brothers, one currently incarcerated and the other advocating from the outside. Their family was put into pieces when the eldest brother Cyrus had a previously undiagnosed schizophrenic break. It landed him in a county jail with very little resources. The jail where he was being detained consistently tried to take him off medication and refused the help of therapy. If it wasn't for Cyrus's robust support system, and his family constantly reaching out to the facility, this story may have been very different. They held him in the county jail for twenty-two months, with his court dates constantly getting pushed back. Nevertheless, this did not stop Cyrus.  ​ Both brothers have now experienced the inadequacies within our system, one firsthand and the other second. They decided to do something about it; they stood together. One brother was directly affected by the system, and the other was left with barely any power to help, CWCreform was born. Together and along with like-minded individuals like yourselves CWCreform will shine a light on those who thought there was none left. We stand for the wrongs in our system; we stand for those with no resources. We stand together.

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